"May I write words more naked than flesh, stronger than bone, more resilient than sinew, sensitive than nerve." _ Sappho

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ask For Help!

Francisco Bujan

I post this video as a gem of information that can be used to reinforce your own intuition. It seems to me that the whole "coaching" trend is again just another cluttered path of busy activity for others to make money off your life... relationships are never dull, are they?! Try listening to this! Vicki Hannah Lein, Outrageous Visions Consider that the tools every facilitator has to offer are usually there as a basic schema for orienting the development of your own personal discipline-value.
In fact, they are there to remind that you already have these tools inside you!
Just know that we are all human and one may have to filter the facilitator's behavior in the process of teaching their message, while you are learning about the tools they ARE offering. We are all human in this process of living; just be aware and don't judge. Take what is of value in that moment with that facilitator, and adapt them for your needs in your life at that moment, then leave the rest. No person outside of you is the one, before you can recognize yourself first, as the true one! Whoever that one you may perceive them to be: the teacher, the employer, the lover, the parent, the child, etc. You are already home within your own heart/soul-self. Allow the tools you are attracted to in others, to help you lead your own conscious awareness where it belongs_ still, within the isness of THIS moment. And THIS moment. And the THIS moment. Moment, to moment, to moment. Always present, curious, interested, aware. Conscious attention in present moment awareness. Be patient with yourself, it takes time to grow/cultivate this balance within. You are (as we each are) worth the time it takes.

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