"May I write words more naked than flesh, stronger than bone, more resilient than sinew, sensitive than nerve." _ Sappho

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The Sanskrit word Namasté means ‘I bow to the Divine in you.’

Namasté is the divine spark in one person recognizing the divine spark in another. The life in me sees and honors the life in you. This is an especially deep expression of respect. Namasté recognizes the duality that has ever existed in this world and suggests an effort on our part to bring these two forces together; ultimately leading to a non-dual state of Oneness. In other words, it recognizes the equality of all, and pays honor to the sacredness of all (without exception). The whole action of Namasté unfolds itself at three levels: mental, physical, verbal.
I honor the place in you where Spirit lives; the Spirit in me meets the Spirit in you, I greet that place where you and I, WE ARE ONE. I honor the place in you, which is of LOVE; I receive the free spirit in you. I salute the place in you, which is of Truth; may the life within you be strong. I receive the place in you, which is of Light. I recognize the place in you, which is of Peace; within each of us is a place where peace dwells. I recognize that we are all equal. I acknowledge that everyone is valuable in they’re own way, and capable of expanding my horizons. When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, then we are one. We are able to recognize the goodness in others; We can perceive the unique thread that connects us all with the universe and all its Beings. With the Universe, and all her Beings as well as to the source of that interconnection. Accepting Oneness, we are accordingly receptive to knowledge that comes to us in the form of examples, advice, and direct teaching. One may awaken to wisdom that opens our eyes to new worlds of possibilities; when we assume everyone we meet is special and Unique in their essence. We must always show to all people, the same generous level of kindness, care, compassion, and understanding without any thoughts of self-interest or ulterior motives above paying respect(s) wholeheartedly. The way we live our daily lives has an enormous impact on those around us. Instead of clinging to what separates us, practicing Namasté enables us to feel less alone in the world. We begin to understand that we must treat all people for who they are_ family. WE ARE ONE WITH THE COSMOS WHETHER WE REALIZE IT OR NOT.

Practicing ONENESS, we gain consciousness of the more subtle aspects of our being; the ultimate outcome being complete identification with the light body.

May all beings have happiness and the causes of happiness.
May all beings be free from suffering and the cause of suffering.
May all look into the mirror of self-reflection seeing all others looking back. May all beings realize oneness; living in oneness as one family, one heart of the bright light of compassion. Namasté

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sophia said...

This post is beautiful.It brought me to tears.I needed that. I pray that The Universe wraps her loving arms around you so that you will always feel loved.