"May I write words more naked than flesh, stronger than bone, more resilient than sinew, sensitive than nerve." _ Sappho

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

An Open Letter of Request for Support- To the Body/Mind- Somatics Community

I am inviting the experts and professionals who have and who are currently working in the wide field of somatics, to respond to this blog. I have been tentatively posting my explorations and discoveries about this field and its ever growing resources here since 2007, with the naivété of a seventies child who might be taken in an open, spontaneous embrace. That hasn't happened.
Today, I am knocking on this door because I know I belong in this universe. I am hungry to learn, to grow in the teachings in order to also carry this healing knowledge forward into the world as a teacher and therapist.
I am seeking community, a program in which to study and a home in which to live and create my own practice. It is my goal to teach and counsel for the benefit of all who also seek to heal.
Please, I hope you will respond here with the wisdom of your experiences.

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