"May I write words more naked than flesh, stronger than bone, more resilient than sinew, sensitive than nerve." _ Sappho

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Welcome to a Journey in Mind-Body Awareness

This is the first post to my newest blog_ the focus of which is on (the movement of work sometimes known as) the body-mind connection. In my own experiences in this area, it is our general western assumptions of "alternative" body health modalities that most intrigue me.
I feel strongly that as inheritors of The Roman Empire, westerners live intellectually-centered consequences that result more in limitation about a conscious personal life experience. An internal working knowledge of cumulative historic human consciousness evolution, is in significant ways, missing in our collective references about what it means to just be. What DOES it truly mean to be alive in this life? Why are we REALLY here?
There is so much westerners individually presume to know and understand of life, principally from a view centered in the mind. Yet, we seem to continuously, completely miss an ancient wealth that is inherent in all other cultures of the world! So, I continuously wonder how might we be more integrative neighbors, if we but understood how to notice without being an embodiment of intimidation?

My own experiences of the body-mind connection begins in the dance at age five, studying and performing within various dance traditions off and on over the course of my life thus far. Those more traditionally western body-performance experiences ended on stage for the last time when my own daughter was three_ she is now a college freshman. Currently, my personal relationship with the body reflects being a student of thirteen years practice in Yoga, and Breema. I am also a visual artist, and organic chef_ meaning that looking, thinking, and nourishing the body is thoughtfully considered, and created with, in the presentations that will be offered here. What is the art of living well?

The idea in creating this blog, is to draw on my personal journeys thus far (including my roots in the dance) as that body awareness-relationship has moved on, evolving through studies in Yoga and Breema. To post my understandings on body intelligence, and intuitive logic. I aspire to speak eloquently on how that journey looks and feels for one to grow into a more fully conscious, empowered awareness on health in the body, particularly for women.
Over time I will be able to include my explorations in Somatics, as awareness becomes oriented in this field. Over the course of time, it is my hope that this blog will be of interest for those who may at first be drawn to my learning experiences, and eventually to me as a teacher about one's path on the conscious body-mind journey in health and well being. Additionally, I hope that a personal, and subjective writing approach will be experienced as inviting, and comfortable in one's own discovery process of the world of mind-body awareness.

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